Desiigner wasn’t having it from a fan that called him a “Knockoff Future”. So what he did was throw a punch at the fan, actually he tried to punch the fan. Does he remind you of a "Knockoff Future"?   #Desiigner wasn’t having it from a fan that called him a “Knockoff Future”. So what […]

Luther Younger has been married to his wife Waverlee for more than five decades. Waverlee was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2009 and is paralyzed, so Luther walks for miles to visit her in the hospital. The Younger’s story has gained national attention, and fundraising efforts are underway to support them. Would you walk 12 […]

On Friday, Bishop Charles H. Ellis III joined singer Ariana Grande on stage at Aretha Franklin’s memorial. Images of the moment showed Ellis holding Grande with his fingers pressed against her chest, and some viewers called out that Grande appeared to be uncomfortable with the interaction. Eliis has since spoken to AP and issued an […]

It may not make sense to everyone, but educators are finding that getting kids to do the dance moves from Fortnite can keep them active.   Anyone up for a #Fortnite dance class? 🕺💃🏻 — BBC Radio Bristol (@bbcrb) August 27, 2018    

“The whole purpose of making this video was to simply take the Tinder experience and bring it into the real world,” Bliss told GMA “It’s become kind of socially acceptable to disqualify people and say, ‘You have to be x height, you have to work x job,'” Bliss told GMA READ MORE