We've had one of helluva week with black men flip-flopping —yes, we're talking to you Charlemagne and Trevor Noah— so why not add Ne-Yo to the list?

The negative effects of Donald Trump’s presidency continue to pour in, with many civilians and celebrities alike doing what they can to show their disapproval of the new president-elect. LeBron James is the latest celebrity to make his stance on Donald Trump known and it involves a boycott of any of his Trump-branded hotels. Basketball […]

A Trump supporter was stabbed in his throat after an argument went bad last week.

A Trump supporter was stabbed in his throat after an argument went bad last week.

Really Kanye….anything for attention or maybe he’s serious which is even scarier… See the video of Kanye’s Trump rant while his fans boo him. Kanye West stunned fans Thursday night in San Jose, declaring his allegiance to Donald Trump and revealing he didn’t vote, but he was Team Donald all the way. The crowd was […]

Check out these 10 reasons why we're officially done with Kanye West.

As the world continues to accept the realization that Donald Trump is the president-elect, the backlash of his win continues to grow with each passing day. From dozens of protests and social media uproar to harsh criticism from news outlets, Americans are definitely letting their voices be heard regarding Trump’s victory. The latest Trump backlash […]

Bannon defenders are pointing to his credentials, as though his resume precludes him from being a racist.   President-elect Donald Trump dispatched team members to defend his decision to appoint Steve Bannon as chief strategist in the White House, Politico reports. Democrats and human rights organizations oppose the appointment, and establishment Republicans are largely avoiding […]

Understandably many Americans are still highly emotional over the presidential election of Donald Trump and that means that statements from public figures regarding the election are even more highly scrutinized than usual. Oprah Winfrey found this out the hard way when she recently gave her thoughts on President Obama and Trump sitting down together for […]

“I just saw president elect Trump with President Obama in the White House and it gave me hope."

It was the perfect timing to have Dave Chappelle host Saturday Night Live, only days after the country made Donald Trump its president elect.

Honestly, at this point all we can do is laugh to stop from crying.