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*It’s not exactly a secret, but it must be said … again. Donald Trump is a big fat hater! Yep folks, the who gives a rat’s ass file, we hear that he’s got the gall to criticize  Beyoncé for what he considers ‘suggestive dancing’ at her Super Bowl performance. During an interview on the Howard Stern show, he went […]

So In case you missed the ridiculous “offer” Mr. Trump presented to our President, check it out below and then see how Obama handled it like a “G” with Jay Leno below! Barack’s response: Be sure to tune into the Midday’s weekly 10am-3pm with RoDigga! Facebook Main: ro.digga Facebook 2: rodigga2 Twitter: @RoDigga Instagram: @RoDigga

It’s not the most anticipated collaboration ever, but Young Jeezy and Birdman have linked up for “Donald Trump.” We don’t co-sign how Jeezy goes about making the funds necessary to make Donald Trump money, but it’s always good to hear from our favorite thug motivator. Check out “Donald Trump” by Young Jeezy Feat. Birdman right […]

NeNe Leakes is a quitter! The “Celebrity Apprentice” cast member couldn’t stand working with Star Jones anymore and decided to walk away. According to TMZ, sh*t hit the fan, when Trump reordered the teams on the show, after Star told Trump she couldn’t work with her arch-enemy NeNe anymore. NeNe stormed off to her hotel […]

Nene Leakes quit last night on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice.  Leakes says that the show’s host, Donald Trump, disrespected her on and off-camera.

While Donald Trump has spread his share of lies, one of them is DEFINITELY not that he had anything to do with Osama bin Laden’s capture and death.

Well, well, well.  It seems that President Obama still has a few friends in the media that are willing to, as the old folk say, tell the truth and shame the devil.  The devil being DonaldTrump in this instance.  It seems that the real estate developer has a checkered past with “the blacks” (as he’s been quoted lately in the news when referring […]


‘Daily Show’ guest Tracy Morgan had a message for Donald Trump, who has joined a group of “birthers” who insist our President is not a United States citizen. “I just want to reply to the Donald Trump thing,” Morgan said. “Donald, I got [Obama’s birth] certificate. It ain’t in Hawaii, it’s in Brooklyn. Come and […]

Actor & Comedian Bill Cosby is pissed at ya boy Donald Trump. Cosby told Donald Trump to “run or shut up.” Cosby was on The Today Show to talk about his efforts to support education. Before Cosby’s segment, the news show ran Meredith Vieira’s exclusive interview with Trump on a potential run for President in […]

At Donald Trump’s Comedy Central Roast last night, Jersey Shore cast-mate Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, got up on stage to attempt some stand up comedy. As I suppose you would expect from someone who spends their days GTL’ing (gym, tan, laundry) and proudly proclaims, ‘I’m hooking up with this girl, your girl’s girl, and your […]

The fabulous, super energetic Tocarra spoke to about the duties of being Lady Hennessey and her new dating show on TV One with Donald Trump. Donald Trump Presents “The Ultimate Merger” is the title and Tocarra will be on an island with 12 men trying to find “love…”  or something like it. She says […]