Just when we thought Evelyn had a break through moment and was moving on with her life, some more ish comes up.

I thought Iyanla Vanzandt fixed Evelyn’s life?? This heffa really compared herself to a natural disaster that killed people…smh.

The never ending drama of Evelyn Lozada & Chad Johnson continues! Legal action may be taken against the former couple if they fail to abide by the contract they have with the government of St. Maarten.

Welp, Chad Johnson didn’t waste any time finding a new woman, and the Twitter thugging began from there…

Terrell Owens and Jennifer Williams have been spotted together recently on more than one occasion, and there’s reason to believe that the two are dating.…


Jennifer Williams has something to say about Evelyn!!! It starts with phony and ends with fake!!! Catfight!!!

Whenever Evelyn acts a fool on “Basketball Wives,” which is pretty much every episode, my gut reaction is, Shaunie, get your girl. Like me, most viewers wonder how she can watch things unravel so calmly while her friend ruins event after event with her bully antics—besides the fact that she probably has thoughts of paychecks […]

I knew Rihanna was a freak! Recently on Twitter, she propositioned Basketball Wives’ star Evelyn. And you won’t believe what she said in response… Ouch, Ochocinco that’s gotta hurt. Ladies, if it came down to a choice between RihRih and Ochocinco, Which One Would YOU Hit??? via TheWordEyeHeard Drake & Rihanna To Headline London’s Wireless […]

Are Evelyn and Chad getting married or what? Or is it all just for the cameras? Just when we thought everything was all good with celebrity couple Chad Ochocinco & fiancée Evelyn Lozada, she recently pressed the Pause Button on their wedding plans. According to TMZ, Evelyn has decided to hold off on the wedding […]

Really Jenn and Evelyn....you girls are still beefing?! Let it go already....

On last night’s episode of Basketball Wives, the ladies’ trip to Italy explodes as Tami’s feud with Meeka reaches its’ boiling point.

Basketball Wives is back for it’s third season with more drama than ever. On the premiere episode that aired last night, things get tensed again between Evelyn and Tami over production of Evelyn’s “Non-MF’kin Factor” T-shirts. Meanwhile, there is a new basketball wife in town by the name of Meeka Claxton (wife of Speedy Claxton […]