Ford aims to “Be Unstoppable” with their latest campaign. During a special dinner hosted by Ford at this year’s Essence Festival, motivational speaker Tony Gaskins shared why he supports the #MyFordFamily movement and enlightened us as to what exactly Ford is doing for the Black community. The following morning, we participated in their “Ride & […]

Ford’s effort to turn its low-selling Lincoln luxury brand around may just be getting off the ground, but it can already claim best in class in at least one category. The upcoming $36,800 MKZ Hybrid sedan has been given an EPA fuel economy rating of 45 mpg city, highway and combined. This beats its closest […]


Video from West 6th in Cleveland. Dude won’t move his Mustang. THERE IS NOBODY IN FRONT OF HIM AT ALL EITHER! The Girls’ reaction is hilarious, especially the front passenger. WARNING ADULT LANGUAGE

According to authorities in California, Lindsay Lohan violated her probation by getting into a physical altercation with a former staff member at the Betty Ford Center and could face further legal ramifications if the district attorney’s office determines she should face battery charges relating to the incident. For a while, it seemed Lohan was in […]

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Many have been upset with ESSENCE magazine because they hired a white fashion editor. Many believe the magazine is out of touch with black women.  One of them is Melyssa Ford. She is upset at the magazine because of their recent cover and their messages to black women.

Many people have voiced their opinions about the hire of a White Fashion Editor at Essence Magazine! But now Melyssa Ford is sounding off with her recent frustration with the latest issue and the message it’s sending to Black Women! The latest issue of Essence features Blair Underwood, Boris Kodjoe and Lance Gross, with the caption, “How to keep Black Men […]


A car that can get on social networks for you. Good or bad? Watch the video here