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You may or may not have been following all the drama going on between Gabrielle Union and America’s Got Talent. However, Gabrielle’s departure from the show was trending all over social media. Now, it looks like they’ve tapped another celeb to fill Gabrielle’s shoes. We’re not sure if it’ll pan out the way they want […]

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Dwyane Wade and son Zion made headlines recently due to the fact that, Dwyane revealed that his 12 year old son Zion has had a name changed and is now Zaya! Folks had a lot to say about the Wade’s parenting style and opinions on whether or not Zion should be allowed to make the […]

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So while rumors like Megan being tied to Tristan Thompson and Trey Songz. . .and Ray J and Princess possibly headed for destruction made their way around the internet. . .These couples kept it real cute together! One time for those Relationship Goals! Well. . .maybe not Fizz and Apryl’s situation unless that is your […]


OMG this right here is everything! How they kept this on the low is crazy but totally admirable considering how loud the silence is with infertility today and knowing what we do know about Gabby and her hardships. SUPER huge congrats going out to them on the arrival of their baby girl! Scroll down below […]

Lebron James and Gabrielle Union are already making big moves together! Now they have a new tv series in the works. Gabielle Union is  alongside LeBron James and filmmaker David E. Talbert, are producing a comedy for ABC called ‘White Dave.’ The show is based on David’s real-life experiences and centers around a young Black […]

One of our favs Gabrielle Union just revealed some very personal details about her struggles with getting pregnant. The actress is currently promoting her new book “We’re Going to Need More Wine” and in it, she’s revealing that she’s suffered multiple miscarriages and failed IVF treatments. “I have had eight or nine miscarriages,” Union, 44, […]

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If you were preparing yourself for the upcoming season finale of the BET hit series Being Mary Jane, you’re in luck because the show will be back on your TV screen sooner than you think. With its current fourth season winding down, fans of the Gabrielle Union series Being Mary Jane were getting ready to […]

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After the show is the after party, and Gabrielle Union showed us a lot!

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So as you already know — Patriots Champ Martellus Bennett has made it pretty clear that he will not be attending the White House visiting Trump! Of course they are people in their feelings over his stance — Are we surprised? Of course not. Coming to his defense via Twitter — Gabrielle Union had this […]

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For black women, our hair is more than just strands atop our head that we style in a no-fuss, carefree manner. To us, our hair means so much more. It’s a deeply personal labor of love that shows the world who we are courtesy of every textured strand. Since the hair care marketplace is under-represented […]