The story of an Australian couple who aborted twin boys because they want to use IVF to ensure they have a daughter is attracting a lot of attention, especially among pro-lifers, and understandably so since the case seems to foreshadow an ethics-free future of eugenics.

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What exactly is a GOOD girl? Do they still exist? lol Andre & Ryan Germany look for them in their latest song together Listen Here:

Jay-Z has one (final) word (for now) on wife Beyoncé‘s possible pregnancy: No. “I really sit back and wonder when people are going to stop,” he said on Howard Stern’s radio show Monday, when asked about the rumors by the show’s co-host Robin Quivers. “The day that happens, I don’t think Newsday is going to […]

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According to, Bobbi Christina may have a thing for chicks! Apparently Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Christina was caught lockin lips with a much older woman! Does this mean she’s a lesbian or does she just like ‘Kissing Girls’! Whitney Houston Family Reacts To Cause Of Death And Drugs CONFIRMED!: Cocaine Found In Whitney […]

An arrest warrant has been issued for Bethany Storro, the woman who splashed a caustic substance on her own face and claimed a (A Black Woman) stranger had attacked her. Deputy Prosecutor Tony Golik yesterday filed three felony theft charges against Bethany Storro, who is still hospitalized. The charges relate to more than $28,000 donated to […]

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A young woman, believed to be from Bosnia, is seen in video picking up puppies and throwing them into a rapidly moving river.

Trina wants to get Loose and party like a “White Girl” according to her new video featuring Flo Rida and Git Fresh. The song is the third single off of Trina’s new album “Amazing” Source See more pictures and video of Trina in Cleveland Summer Jam 2010 here

CLEVELAND – Cleveland police report that a missing 12-year-old girl was found early Wednesday morning on the city’s east side. Cayla Bolton was reported missing on May 5 by her mother. She was found at about 3 a.m. in the Garden Valley Apartments at E. 79th and Kinsman. Police said that an arrest has been […]