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Last week, Kyla Pratt had us all like “WHATTTTTT?!” after we broke the news that she had secretly given birth last year to a healthy baby girl. This is her second child with boyfriend Danny Kilpatrick.

Hip Hollywood recently caught up with the actress, who is currently promoting the new season of BET’s Let’s Stay Together, and she’s revealed why she kept her pregnancies under wraps. As it turns out, haters and hormones don’t mix!

I just feel like that was something personal that I wanted to experience and enjoy myself. Especially with the social media nowadays, people are easily able to reach you and easily able to say what they want to say without any consequences. And when you’re pregnant, you’re hormonal, you have a lot of things going on. My fear was somebody saying something, and it really affecting me when it doesn’t really matter.

So when I announced I had a daughter, we got a lot of backlash, but I didn’t care. I had my baby. But when you’re pregnant, you don’t know what somebody’s gonna say or what’s gonna affect you or how you’re gonna feel. And I just felt like that was just something personal that… I loved my pregnancy! Every moment! I wasn’t hiding! You thought I was sitting in the house with the shades drawn? Like, no! I went to Disneyland eight months pregnant. I had a HUGE baby shower. I just had people around me who respect me and understand where I was coming from.

But I also feel like if I was to have another baby and if I had something to promote, I wouldn’t mind being on the red carpet to promote that. But I’m not just gonna be on the red carpet just to be on the red carpet. I’ve been in this business for a very long time, so getting attention is not something that excites me. So if I have something to promote or project to tell people about it, I’d have no problem walking around like, ‘Hey! Look at my bump!’ But if I was just chillin’, I’m just chillin’, enjoying mommyhood and decorating nurseries and stuff like that.

On if she wants more babies:

I got my hands full right now but (I) definitely (want another kid). I’m a part of a big family and my little joke is I like for us to be our own little gang. ‘You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.’ And I want my babies to have that same thing.

You have to respect that. There are some celebs who will share every single moment, the sonogram and even pics fresh from the delivery room, while others like Michael Ealy and Kyla are on some, “When you find out, you find out!” type of steez. You can’t blame them for wanting to keep their personal business private though. Not everyone will be happy for you.

Peep the interview below!

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