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So this tweet went out from Safaree’s twitter account the other day: Now I don’t know who really even checks for this mans tweets but he claims it wasn’t him anyway: Was he hacked ya or naw? Catch Ro Digga inside the Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm! 

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If you’ve seen anything jacked up coming from any of Schoolboy Q’s social media pages — He would like you to know that ain’t him! Look at this mess: Catch The Day Party Weekdays beginning at 3pm! 

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The tweets — sent early Sunday morning from Blac Chyna’s account said, “Im a gold digger & a cheater. I never really loved Tyga It was always about the money. After he took me out the strip club gave me a beautiful family . Read More

Over this past weekend, multiple celebrities had their nude photos hacked and leaked on the internet. One of those celebs was actress Megan Good. The…

So basically celebrities like to take naked selfies, but they don’t like to get hacked so the world can see them. Listen to the audio player…

Oh boy…this could be huge or it could be nothing at all…at this point we really don’t know. But the internets are a flame with…

Last night, a 50 Cent impersonator hacked into Rick Ross’ Twitter account (@rickyrozay), changing the background, name and profile picture to that of Fif’s page and posing as the G-Unit leader. The updates began last night with a tweet stating, “I want to impact peoples lives more. I created a new goal for my self, […]

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I guess the war will never end. Moments ago, Rick Ross’s twitter account literally became 50 Cent’s account.