Not sure when this happened but apparently some time along the way Megan Thee Stallion and Jordyn Woods became good girlfriends. They’ve been seen hanging out, driving boats and partying for a while and now Trey Songz has joined in on the fun. The trio was seen drinking and having a good ole time for […]

Halloween is here and of course the celeb’s are showing out. Nicki Minaj decided with Harley Quinn, Gabrielle Union did her classic “Bring It On” clovers outfit, Tracee Ellis Ross did several costumes that shut down the gram but, The Wilson’s aka Ciara and Russell may have just taken it up a notch. Ciara and […]

Donald Trump is really the most hated president right now lol!! According to reports a 14 year old girl assaulted a man simply dressed as Donald Trump at a haunted house. Lol!!  The girl assaulted the man and had her friends record incident and of course it didn’t end well for the teen. Reports say […]

It’s almost Halloween and you already know the Costume parties BEEN lit especially over the weekend! Check out how some of your favorite celebs got dressed up so far this Halloween! Catch Ro inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm and follow @rodigga and @z1079

My favorite thing about Halloween [aside from dressing up when I do] is the day AFTER Halloween when I can check in on who wore what. And every year the celebs come all the way thru with their costumes! Here are some of my personal favorites from Halloween this year! LeBron James — as Jason […]

I love seeing how creative people get for Halloween. . .especially with celebrities! Catch Ro Digga inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm!      

When in doubt, be Beyoncé! Check out 31 of the best Halloween costumes paying tribute to Queen Bey.

It all started from a simple caption. Above is the picture of Tina Knowles with Kelly Rowland in the famous Dion costume from Clueless. The picture above is pretty regular, but peep the original caption. Notice the difference? Well Stacey Dash did, too and decided to say this about Tina: “First of all, if you’re trying […]

After seeing a wee trick-or-treater dressed as the recently departed Prince, President Obama belted out a (very soulful) few lines of “Purple Rain” as he dropped a few goodies in his Halloween pumpkin.

When in doubt, be Beyoncé! Check out 31 of the best Halloween costumes paying tribute to Queen Bey.

Genesis, the adorable four-year-old daughter of Viola Davis, refused to dress up as the popular Disney character Elsa or a pirate. Instead, she wanted to be her Emmy Award-winning mother.