It has just been confirmed that the “Drunk in Love” Husband & Wife will be performing at the 56th annual Grammy Awards this Sunday! No…

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Another day for a celebrity is another day for a bitter counterpart to file court papers trying to get money from a lawsuits. Jay-Z is no exeception as a man named Patrick Willis is claiming to have images jacked from his computer and placed in Hov’s book, “Decoded.”

I’m not a businessman, i’m a business man!! Jay-Z keeps the long list of ‘top men’ titles coming, becoming the Director of Barclays Arena. Barclays Center is located in Brooklyn, and will open up just before the Brooklyn Nets make it their new home leaving New Jersey. Oh yea, Jay-Z is also a partial owner of the Nets as well… Win, win, and win again.

The First Lady of the United States attends Beyoncé’s sell-out concert in Atlantic City!!! Michelle Obama takes the kids out to watch an incredible performer, that’s awesome… When’s the last time a First Lady just decided to go to a Beyoncé concert? The Obama’s show you once more, they are the coolest First Family in history.

T.I. gives Jay-Z some parental advice. How many kids does T.I. have? Ok, i’ve lost count… At least you know Tip has hands on experience with raising children.

Jay-Z is making moves with the Mayor of Philadelphia?? Major announcement in Philly on Monday!!!

WTF? Racism is alive and well! I can’t do nothing but share a blank stare… Yo, “the New York N——s?” though? I’m outraged!!!


Isn’t that precious? Beyonce’s nephew Juelz seemed to get every article of clothing from the “King” Lebron James after game!!!

Its a new day and we have new details for the crazy Jay Z story! The internet has been on fire this week with new speculation that Jay Z has a secret love child, well we need to squash this rumor. Apparently the man who started this drama again is now denying the claim. 67 […]