Isn’t that precious? Beyonce’s nephew Juelz seemed to get every article of clothing from the “King” Lebron James after game!!!

Last night was family night for The Carters as Jay-z took in the Nets vs. Heat game with Beyonce, her nephew Juelz and Juelz father Daniel Sr.  It’s nice of Jay and Bey to invite Solange’s ex-husband to tag along to the games every now and again.

 Although Jay had his share of cute moments with Juelz while sitting courtside, the most touching moment came after the game when Lebron walked over to Jay-z to introduce him to his team mate Norris Cole, who is a huge fan, and then Lebron greeted Juelz by taking off his wrist bands and shoes to give to him.

This should be filed under ‘Cutest photo of the day’.

In case you missed it, watch below:

Juelz is living the life!!

via TheWordEyeHeard

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