king james


  Kobe was at the World Cup festivities this past weekend and was asked about Lebron James’s Championship Expectations. Surprisingly, there was no shade thrown…

Love was definitely in the air this weekend in New Orleans as athletes and their mates invaded the city on Valentine’s Day, which also jump started NBA All Star weekend.  On Saturday, GQ threw a sexy affair for their newest cover boy LeBron James, which brought out couples Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union, as well as Adrienne […]


Isn’t that precious? Beyonce’s nephew Juelz seemed to get every article of clothing from the “King” Lebron James after game!!!

She might be alright but something is cleary wrong with him! LeBron James does karoake? American Idol is not in the present future!

Check out this video and stay updated on EVERYTHING LEBRON including his big announcement today at 9pm. We will keep you updated. Follow us on twitter @Z1079 The ONLY thing I have to say is…Home is where the Heart is!!!! Check out this video dedicated to King James!