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As Eazy-E’s legacy begins to ignite, many fans have been reminded that the 31-year-old rapper died in 1995 due to complications from AIDS. As it’s…

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Last night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” rapper Lil Wayne actually made a scheduled appearance after missing two previous bookings on the show, one of which was canceled as a result of his March seizures. When asked about his health scare, Wayne said: “My homies were downstairs and they didn’t even know that I was up […]


I’m going to make this quick… Kim Kardashian running for Mayor of Glendale, California. I’m just going to let Jimmy Kimmel take this one! LMAO


Kelly Rowland commanded the outdoor stage on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” with a sizzling performance on Monday night. The R&B vixen, covering up with only a black blazer, delivered two songs off her latest album Here I Am. She kicked things off with her Hit-Boy produced single “Lay It on Me” while reclined on top of […]

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Big Sean performed his single “My Last” on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night with a live band ending it with a subtle “I Love You Mom”.

Charlie Sheen recently stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and surprised the audience by locking lips with the late night host, saying afterwards that he had “moist lips”.