Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

I can’t tell if Kanye is throwing more shade on Kris Humphries, much like he did in the ‘Theraflu’ song when he acted as though he could have gotten his boy Jay-Z to throw him off the Nets, or if he’s making light of the spectacle that is his relationship with Kim Kardashian with this […]

Who said Kanye was spoiling Kim Kardashian? In return, she spoils her man! Kim Kardashian buys Kanye a Lamborghini for his special birthday present!!!

Kim and Ye are moving in together? Ok, is this moving too fast for you? It is just me??? At first I seen this relationship being another publicity stunt from the Kardashian family but, this seems to be going further and further. Who knows, maybe Kim West is even possible…

Guilty conscience, jealous, paranoid, possessive??? According to sources, Kim Kardashian won’t allow Rihanna in Kanye’s dressing room if she’s not present… This goes for any woman that might be around Kanye? I’ve always felt like the Kardashians were on the cuckoo side but, really? No friends, no nada? Well, love is love, and if Kanye can stand by it, I sure as hell can. How would you say Kim knows one when she see’s one? That’ll do.

Does Kris Humphries love or hate Kanye West’s recent song? (Way Too Cold) Kris demands answers from Kim Kardashian!!!

Kanye West wanted Kim Kardashian to be happy. What did he do that was so special? He rented out a whole floor of a toy store!!