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Kim and Ye are moving in together? Ok, is this moving too fast for you? It is just me??? At first I seen this relationship being another publicity stunt from the Kardashian family but, this seems to be going further and further. Who knows, maybe Kim West is even possible…

nd so it continues. Kim Kardashian has reportedly just put her $4.8 mill California home on the market. And–surprise–Kanye West just put his home on the market as well. And word has it the two, who have been dating for a whopping 2 months, are prepping to rent a home together so they can move in, decorate it and play house. Deets inside…

In other K&K news: Kim Kardashian bans Rihanna from Kanye’s dressing room!

“We’re Movin’ In Together!” We can see the “end scene” on an upcoming episode of “Keeping up With the Kardashians” now.

TMZreports not only has Kim, who’s still finalizing her divorce from Kris Humphries, given a “pocket listing” to a realtor (which means it won’t appear in official real estate docs), but Kanye has given a realtor a pocket listing too for hisL.A. home.

Life & Style reported yesterday (before today’s reports that the twosome actually went through with putting their homes ‘on the market’):

Life & Style can exclusively reveal that Kim and her new beau, Kanye West, who have been linked since early April, are ready to take the next step. “They are preparing to move in together, it’s moving that quick,” an insider tells the new issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now. Kim is even giving up her beloved bachelorette pad, as she has quietly put her LA home on the market.

Although Kanye already has a house in LA and an apartment in NYC,the insider shares, “if things continue at the speed they’re going, Kim and Kanye will rent a new house together. They wouldn’t buy yet.”

This way, the couple would have a generic place that they could decorate cohesively. Because Kim and Kanye have such strong individual styles, the insider confirms, “Kim would be putting a lot of her stuff in storage. Her bathmat is KK-embroidered and that’s not changing. She’s OCD-immaculate and so is Kanye, so to have both of their items would create problems.”

This new pad will be Kim’s permanent home base in LA, “the only place she has in LA — and she always has her mom’s,” adds the insider.

Although Kanye would still keep his LA pad, the couple’s new home would be a common place, “so that they can live together without being fully domestic until they’re ready to have a family,” says the source.

But it looks like Kanye is selling his L.A. pad, and probably keeping his Soho, NYC penthouse.

And if you’re wondering if all this house listing & move-in talk was conveniently caught on camera to add to the “Keeping up With The Kardashians” storyline–that’s a yes. Even though the season has already begun airing, Kim tweeted this morning:

Still filming. Call time was 6am… Exhaustion has officially set in.

Could be the reason for the rush….

via TheWordEyeHeard.

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