Young Money Record’s self-proclaimed baddest b**** Nicki Minaj apologized for using an iconic image of revolutionary human rights leader El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) to…

Gentlemen: I write this open letter with a great deal of sadness in my heart, and a great deal of concern for you, my brothers, my Black brothers. I have watched the YouTube videos, read the articles and blogs. I feel like I am having flashbacks to my Vibemagazine days in the mid-1990s when Tupac and Biggie, […]


A runaway golf cart caused havoc at a football game in Texas running numerous people over. Check it out for yourself!

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Chris Brown has been the current topic amongst co-workers, friends, family and anyone who has an opinion regarding his recent outbreak on Good Morning America.  I’ve wondered what Man has the balls to pull this young man aside and have a heart to heart? Would Chris even respect and receive the words coming out of […]

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Politician, activist, and reality television pioneer are just a few hats worn by Kevin Powell, but now he’s getting back to one of his first loves: writing.