The ignorance of rappers never ceases to amaze me, Im all for encouraging hetero activity to my son but this is taking things a bit far. Enjoy !

“Dont ever fix yo lips like collagen “……todays recipient is a public servant, and if you know us that makes it EVEN sweeter ! Enjoy &  be sure to follow @DjKNYCE, @RoDigga & @theDayPartyCLE on IG & Twitter !!

Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones took his Jet Ski’s out for a spin and took a tumble…when he came out the water his 150K Diamond Earring was missing……so he hired a dive team! Enjoy !! Be sure to follow @TheDayPartyCLE, @DjKNYCE & @RoDigga on IG & Twitter !!  

Drake never ceases to amaze me….I guess he does owe alot to Mr. Carter but SHEESH!

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While he shouldnt have said what he said….I do believe his apology is heartfelt & sincere. Via | PFT After saying this week that Colin Kaepernick’s continued unemployment is his own fault, Michael Vick has reconsidered. Vick said on the Dan Patrick Show that that he’s sorry he said Kaepernick’s play and not his national […]

How does R. Kelly convince a man to let his daughter come live on his compund to “work on music”??? The world may never know, but there is definitely more to this story. Be sure to follow @DjKNYCE, @RoDigga & @TheDayPartyCLE

Michael Vick had some advice for Colin Kaepernick on how to get back into the NFL…..Ive got some words for Mike ! Enjoy !! Be sure to follow@DjKNYCE, @TheDayPartyCLE & @RoDigga on IG !

I only wish I could’ve gotten my hands on the audio lol. Certain stories write themselves! Enjoy ! Be sure to Subscribe to my Podcast Channel The LOAD Network! Follow me on Twitter/IG : @DjKNYCE  

I never ever ever ever ever could understand the concept of running trains, and being gassed for sloppy seconds. Seems like the perfect scenario for a rape case if you ask me……enter todays dumb ass…A$AP Bari ! Be sure to like & Subscribe & be sure to check out my podcast on The LOAD Network […]

Sometimes people get mad at me for who I decide to make the #YBD…..I dont give a damn. If you are the type of person who values “likes” over “life” or “freedom”, you my friend are a DUMMY. And that seems to be exactly the case with todays contestant. Enjoy!

And another example of when White Privilege goes wrong……in her defense she did NOT drop the “N” Bomb. Enjoy !!

Back with another episode of The Industry Insider! This time around I got to sit with Dj Drama’s newest artist SKEME. We talk everything from Cavaliers to Strip Clubs & A LOT MORE ! Check out the interview below and be sure to like and subscribe!