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TRUUUUUUU!!! 2 Chainz makes a video with Kreayshawn for “Murder” off the T.R.U. REALigon mixtape!!!

Kreayshawn (center) broke out of the West Coast this year when “Gucci Gucci” went viral, but will 2012 be the year that White female rappers get respect and credibility in hip-hop? The N-word controversy around Kreayshawn and V-Nasty has definitely hurt them in the Black community. However, there are more White femcees on deck without […]

Oakland’s internal police chief Howard Jordan defended the tactics, which included the use of tear gas and beanbag rounds to disperse a crowd of about 1,000, some of whome claimed police actually used rubber bullets.

Come to find out, there weren’t really any rounds fired after all. See the video of Gangsta Boo, as she explains where she truly stands with her counterpart.

Drake calls in while Kreayshawn was being interviewed, and his comments have left some wondering if they’ve had sex with each other. Check out this interview, and let us know if you think they’re friends or friends with benefits… RELATED POSTS: Drake “Headlines” [MUSIC VIDEO] Drake Gets Suited Up For 2011 Canada Walk Of Fame […]

Unafraid of the fellow West Coast rapper, Kreay slammed Game’s credibility. Kreayshawn, born Natassia Zolot, would like to deal with Game more directly. “I wanna slap a grown-a** man in the face,” she says, defiantly. She then lightens the mood, joking about calling 50 Cent, but gets aggravated when her manager, Chioke “Stretch” McCoy, advises […]

Is Kreayshawn a ‘G’? Before snagged a million dollar deal with Columbia Records and beefing with the likes of rappers Rick Ross and The Game, she was out in the streets pimping bishes, literally. She’s covering the new October/November issue of Complex magazine and inside, she talks about her friend V-Nasty’s constant use of the n-word, […]

Kreayshawn recently dissed CEO of Maybach Music Group Rick Ross, calling him “Fake” in a freestyle. She later denied the diss but was caught on camera days later taking shots at the boss again. Kreayshawn and Rick Ross had run in at this years VMAs. Rick Ross has responded to Kreashawn in an upcoming cover […]

Despite the perception of violence, Kreay said she is not down with gang rivalries. Minutes after Kreayshawn’s manager Stretch got into a tiff with a member from Rick Ross’ camp on the 2011 MTV VMAs black carpet, spoke with the Oakland rapper on the matter. “Yeah I don’t know, man. It’s just gang violence,” […]

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As much of a non Kreayshawn fan I am, I have to admit that she is quite entertaining! After losing the VMA for Best New Artist and a run-in with Rick Ross last night, revealing photos of the white rapper chick surfaced on the Internet! I don’t agree with Kreayshawn’s wacky almost racist antics but […]

After dropping the line “You’re faker than Rick Ross,” in a freestyle rhyme Kreayshawn has gone back and forth with Officer Ricky in the blogs. But last night at the VMAs their respective camps met backstage and it wasn’t all sweet. Get More: 2011 VMA, Music spotted @RapRadar RELATED POSTS: Da Brat & Kreayshawn Developing […]