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You know how people act when they’re anticipating their income tax check. Will these two actually follow through with their plans?

Jasmine and Jr. think they’re the toughest kids around because they color outside the lines and steal library books, but the inmates of “Don’t Touch My *ss Correctional Facility” have a few things to say about that….

Unsung is a television show that tells the story of otherwise forgotten groups. This is the story of Lavender, Teddy Bear, Slim, and Lazy Ruffin, better known as The Hasbeens.

Follow Captain Cockblock and Super Save-A-Ho on their never-ending journey of disappointment and frustration. It's their job to save these hos, and they never fail.

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There are too many uncovered secrets in the world for it all to end! Think about it, why are LL Cool J’s lips never ashy, even though all he does is lick them? We must make it our goal to figure these things out before the world ends. So….The Word Eye Heard Presents: Top 5 Reasons the World Didn’t End

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Ever since Drake made the phrase YOLO popular, people have been doing stupid things in the spirit of "only living once." Well this is definitely life imitating art, because some of our favorite television shows and movies have been living that "YOLO" life way before the Cash Money rapper made it popular to do so. So....The #WordEyeHeard Presents: Top 5 On-Screen YOLO Moments...

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