Here’s some of the funniest Jordan Memes from the Warriors VS Thunder Series.

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You know that moment when you enter a haunted house and think, "I'm not going to get scared"? We all say it, but you'd be surprised how terrified you can look after a startling noise comes out of the dark. Check out the funniest photos I found.

Lloyd reminiscing about his favorite strains of wacky tobacco. He also runs down some of his other vices like spending money on sneakers, sex and cheesecake. “I like to have sex WITH the cheesecake…” –Lloyd From TheUrbanDaily.Com

Video from West 6th in Cleveland. Dude won’t move his Mustang. THERE IS NOBODY IN FRONT OF HIM AT ALL EITHER! The Girls’ reaction is hilarious, especially the front passenger. WARNING ADULT LANGUAGE

There’s a generally accepted code of behavior that most men abide by, often called “Man Code.” Billy Sorrells & Deric Evans have decided to make the Man Code official with a new series of videos.

Usher may need to rethink a segment of his live show where he brings a female fan on stage during the song “Trading Places.”