While no official murder charges have been filed, police have confirmed that a photo of two gunmen are indeed the persons responsible for killing Dolph.

If you haven’t heard of the very sad and unfortunate story of Jaheim McKinzie  — this was the 10 year old boy who committed suicide after his abusive mother repeatedly beat him and then chocked him with an extension cord! You can read up more on that below. . .but Yo Gotti caught wind of […]


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A college student almost died last week when his e-cigarette blew up in his face, leaving him with severe burns and a broken neck.


A man accused of trying to steal nearly $1 million of LeBron James sneakers using a trailer didn’t get very far thanks to a highly trained task force. Those who love sneakers say the new LeBron 12 shoes are a hot commodity right now. One pair can go for $250. “They may do tricks, I […]

Yep, you read that title correctly. Former TV judge, Judge Joe Brown, has been arrested. Judge Joe Brown, who’s television show was cancelled last year, showed up to Juvenile Court to represent someone in a child support case. When he arrived court workers told him they had no record of the case. Forgetting that he wasn’t on […]

A Memphis police officer has been suspended for allegedly having sex in his squad car while on duty. Fellow officers say they heard Dion Anthony having sex with an unnamed woman between 8:45 and 9pm last Monday, when it was broadcast over his radio scanner. Anthony works the 2pm to 10pm shift out of the […]

  Rapper Rick Ross is adding restaurant owner to his business resume. The Maybach Music CEO is investing his money in a national franchise called Wingstop. Ross plans to open his first location in Memphis in a strip mall on Winchester. In a recent news release, Wingstop corporate said Ross brings a huge fan base […]

Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated today in Memphis, Tenn. on 4-4-1968. King was in Memphis supporting workers in a struggle over wages, benefits and working conditions when he was killed. For the next 48 hours, the nation burned, riots swept 168 cities and federal troops were even called in to guard the U.S. Capitol. […]

P-Nut, a seven-year-old rapper from Memphis, has quickly made a name for himself in his hometown.

Method Man recalls a close call with the cops that could’ve ended up much worse than it did.