Delilah seduced Samson.   Paula Broadwell conquered David Patraeus, leader of America’s CIA!   “Hotwife” Heather Clem cuckolded her husband and lured Hulk Hogan and many other high profile sports personalities.   Karinne “Superhead” Stephans ensnared countless Hip Hop rainmakers and public personalities into her web of sensual intrigue.   Heidi Fleiss ruled the impulses of Charlie […]

James Bond and Batman were both known for one thing…gadgets. If you’ve ever seen either man in action, you know that the strength of their…

He takes care of you and the kids (his or not), holds down the house, does dishes, takes out the trash (without being asked), kills…

Can a man settle down with just one woman? According to Akon, it’s not possible. Listen to the audio to hear the comments from the…

RoDigga’s looking for the hottest SINGLE men and women [you must be single…we don’t break up happy homes round here lol]. Each week, I will feature one single male and one single female. That male/female will have their own profile created by Ro on where we will highlight the following things about YOU: Photos […]

Different day, same story in regards to Black men and HIV. Please practice safe sex and stay educated, people! Via The latest data on HIV rates in American teenagers and young adults offer a sobering message. While the number of new infections in the U.S. is relatively stable — at about 50,000 people each […]

Be careful what you put into your body friends! Via Raw Story: Men who drink one normal-sized soft drink per day are at greater risk of getting more aggressive forms of prostate cancer, according to a Swedish study released Monday. “Among the men who drank a lot of soft drinks or other drinks with added […]

The Nuzzcrew remix to “Diced Pineapple” is telling the story of a man who had never been in a committed relationship finally putting all of his time and emotion into one woman only to find out that she was cheating on him and spending his money on other men featuring PoeticLungs (Pictured on the right). Take a listen! […]

Recently, a new book came out called WTF Are Men Thinking: 250,000 Men Reveal What Women Really Want to Know. One of the survey questions that got the internet buzzing revealed that 62 percent of men expected sex by the fourth date. Women have the following questions: When is too soon or too late for a woman to […]

You Date The First Guy Who Asks You Out When you’re fresh out of a relationship, it may be hard to be by yourself. Lonely nights leave you feeling restless, and while you may not miss your ex, you might miss the feeling of being wanted or in love.  So in order to get that […]

  Put that Swisher Sweet down playa… New Study Shows That Men Who Smoke Mary Jane Run Higher Risk Of Testicular Cancer Young men who use Mary Jane have a higher risk of testicular cancer, a new study found. The study of 455 Californian men found those who had smoked piff were twice as likely […]

Stay Angry Every other day, you’re angry about something. It’s quite possible that all you have to do is have a conversation to resolve the issue but you’ve already become so accustomed to being angry. Even when you two come to an agreement, there’s a bit of resentment that lingers. Nothing good will come of […]