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Spring portrait of thoughtful young woman

“Your significant others friends are not your friends” could have you thinking hold up — any friend of my man (or my lady) is a friend of mine! But when you really look at this from every angle — you might think that is the truest statement ever!

Today we asked the city what they thought about it. Most people agreed — stating that of course there are boundaries in relationships and each others friends fall in those boundaries. Some (mostly married) shared that it’s different with married couples versus single people dating. That if you are dating — these are not your friends but if you are married — this is your circle. Then you have people with the hidden agendas! You know the stories! The woman who brought her man around her friends–  just to have one of her friends trying to befriend him plotting the whole time to get him for herself! Or now you’ve established a friendship with your partners friend and let’s say some shit hits the fan — who are you expecting the friend to be loyal to? See it can get cloudy when you break it down. Or maybe it’s quite simple for you and yours.

Without giving too much of what everyone else said — I want your raw feelings towards the original statement. What ya think?

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