Day Party Dilemma

Cousins!! You know we know that is goes down in the group chats! Whether its the girls group, fellas group, whatever you wanna call it group, those chats get REAL! So real — everybody can’t have access to the details! But…what if you were offered 100,000.00? Would you let your significant other read that chat […]

Love & Relationships

Think about your forever partner. Would you rather find them at the age of 18 or 38 years old?

Love & Relationships

In today's dilemma we tackle your partner's friends and if his or her friends are also YOUR friends! Take the poll inside!

Fitness & Wellness

#daypartydilemma The comment section went in on this young ladies take on women with natural bodies! Did you see it?

Ro Digga

Hey my girls! So we have all heard hair salon horror stories [and or different versions of] such as: your stylist cutting too much of your hair when you only wanted a trim! To the style you asked for wasn’t hardly what you got — to so many others. But what about when you get […]

Ro Digga

Weekdays at 6pm…The Day Party gets people talking with the Dilemma ! The other day we posted a dilemma that has been a debated topic for a while: WHO IS THE BETTER DANCER? Chris Brown? Usher? Omarion? Take the poll and tell us what you think. . .and click on the post below to see […]

The ignorance of rappers never ceases to amaze me, Im all for encouraging hetero activity to my son but this is taking things a bit far. Enjoy !

Sometimes people get mad at me for who I decide to make the #YBD…..I dont give a damn. If you are the type of person who values “likes” over “life” or “freedom”, you my friend are a DUMMY. And that seems to be exactly the case with todays contestant. Enjoy!