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Portrait of surprised young woman using phone

Ok! Now you know how crazy some people come out their mouths on social media — and although many have mastered being able to sift through or flat out ignore the clickbait — this one particular post got em’ going!

Ya it was a simple tweet. That’s it. From a young lady whose twitter handle is @goatedthroated (so you know they had fun with that) and this is what she said:

“Natural bodies are for poor females…I said what I said”

Now as a woman who works out 5 days a week (to maintain and balance my greedy lol) — I personally never wanted to go under the  knife for something I knew I could get my behind in somebody’s gym to achieve to the best of my ability. But that’s also my prerogative — to each their own. I also accept that God made me how he made me and if it ain’t meant for me to have a fatty back there — ay we gon roll with what we got over here! Needless to say I looked at her comment like “yeah ok” but lawd did the natural bodies unite in the comment section! And. . .and the fellas stepped in to represent and shout out the natural bodies! So I’ll ask you the same thing I asked during yesterdays Dilemma:

Do ya agree with this comment? Take a look at what was being said in our comment section:

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