By now, most of us have heard portions of the Melle Mel Gibson mix tape. It's straight lunacy. But you have to admit his freestyle skills are a gift. Hopefully, Mel sent Satan a thank you card. After all, in order to separate yourself from the person you love in such a scornful way, one must first separate himself from his soul. It's a prerequisite to going ape sh*t.

Christina Saunders said she wanted to empower herself like “Samantha” from “Sex And The City” so she decided to travel the world and sleep with several unsuspecting men. It ended up totaling 1000 men.

Although we’d like to believe America evolved into a post-racial society after the election of President Obama — the reality is, race is still a major issue facing our country. For this reason, interracial dating is still considered a hot-button topic among Americans — despite Hollywood’s efforts to turn it mainstream.Actor Taye Diggs can attest to […]

Depending on the woman — flirting may show itself in several different ways. You may notice the long, seductive stares; the extra long smiles; and the exaggerated laughter. There are also episodes of excessive conversation that go way beyond a simple 2-minute chat. The art of flirting for women can show up in several ways, […]

Is it shocking when I tell you I’ve had to repress my intelligence in past relationships out of fear of emasculation? Source from Successful black women are constantly bombarded with statistics suggesting many of us are doomed to be spinsters left to live with our little black cat to die alone. We are also […]

CHICAGO, IL – The social net for high school dropouts is gone forever. When the manufacturing base in the U.S. was strong, a young man could drop out of high school and safely land at a factory with an $18 an hour job. Today, young African American males are dropping out of high school at […]

Maybe your right eye starts twitching when you glimpse your disappearing 'do in the mirror. Or perhaps you fling sofa pillows across the room every time your team blows yet another 20-point lead. This isn't mere annoyance rearing its head—it's bona fide stress, and proof that real anxiety can spring from far more than relationship angst, finances, and work.

I am thirty-four, single, and have with no children. I’m pursuing a B.A. in IT Multimedia. I have my own home and I am financially independent. While I have most everything in my life under control, I have had issues with my weight since I was 19 years old. I am about 80 pounds overweight.

In the last month or so, gorgeous 40+ Hot Chicks Halle Berry, Garcelle Beauvais & Stacey Dash have all split from their Caucasian
Is it something in the water?
Maybe...maybe not. Perhaps it's just a 

LisaRaye recently sat down with Sister 2 Sister Magazine and speaks on being spoiled by powerful men and her beef with Vivica Fox.

Chocolate comes in many flavors from white to dark. The following men are sexy, talented, and wealthy.