Our love for Chris Brown has been well documented over the years on #TheWarmupShow. So, in celebration of his 25th Birthday we present to you The #FreeBreezy Mix !! Enjoy !!! Follow DJ Knyce on IG DJ Knyce Facebook @DJKnyce Twitter

Fresh pic…even fresher show from last night. Last night I played a crazy new song from Waka Flocka, and another crazy song from Young Jeezy…both will be hits in the club. Check out my show from last night.

Yesterday on my show I played new songs from J. Cole ft. Jay-z, Drake ft. Rick Ross, and Drake by himself. The show was crazy. In case you missed it or want to hear it again, here’s your chance. Check out my show from last night.

Lil Wayne dissed Jay-z on his new song called “It’s Good”. It features Drake and Jadakiss and YES I played it on my show last night. Check out my show from last night.

The perfect way to start off your week is with good music, and last night I provided that with my mixshow. Check out my mixshow from last night.

Of course I played some tracks off Jay-z and Kanye’s “Watch The Throne” album, so you know my mixshow was hot. Check out my mixshow from last night.

Every Monday, Ray Jr. gives me a new freestyle to debut on my mixshow. Last night’s was very special and heartfelt, you have to hear it. Ray remade Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” and it’s classic. Click on the link below to hear it. Ray Jr. – Letter to my City

The perfect way to start off a week is with good music and new music, and in my mixshow last night, I gave you both. Check out my mixshow from last night.

Get a quick fix with this weekends Quickie from DJ KNyce… Download it and take it with you too.

Fresh from a beautiful trip to Toronto, I think I delivered an even more beautiful mixshow. I almost overslept and missed it, but I didn’t. I had to get to the radio station for you all. Lol. I can’t lie, I went in on the Rick Ross – “BMF” track. that song is CRAZY!!!! Check […]

As always I’m here to help you get over “Hump Day” with a great mixshow. Well, I think it’s great, but you be the judge. I started my mixshow off last night with a little reggae. The track is entitled “Hold Yuh” by Gyptian and it features Nicki Minaj. Take a listen. Check out my […]

Another beautiful day in Cleveland, Ohio and I have the cameras rolling so you can see it all. Well…almost all, you know somethings still have to be kept private. Lol. But watch my Vlog Day 257…all of which I can show you. Enjoy!!!! Check out my new video