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Whew baby if you ever thought someone might be picking at your food upon its arrival to your front door as you wait patiently in the comfort of whatever you are watching and whatever you got on??? This study might make you a little bothered! So let me just get right to it — 1 […]


No thanks. . .I’ll pass! Wait til you see the pictures. It looks like fruit roll up! Via Mirror: Tomato ketchup just got the make-over no one asked for. American company Bo’s Fine Foods has created a solid version of the perennially popular condiment which comes in individual packets. Perfect for carrying around with you, […]

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Trey Songz is getting ready to introduce a new artist to the music industry – JR. The St. Louis native is now signed to Trey, most…


They certainly weren’t drinking Gatorade. An entire Missouri girls basketball team drank diluted urine after prankster players from a rival high school tampered with their water cooler. Four girls from the Cassville High School basketball team urinated into cups and emptied one of the cups into visiting Monett High School‘s drinking water during their game on Feb. 4. […]


A McDonald’s customer posted the pic below after discovering a lil something extra in his hash browns! In the post he says he ate half of it before realizing the bottom half felt like there was something attached to it, and noticed a large black winged insect on his potatoes. *faint* He took his breakfast […] was sent the FOLLOWING PIC of Royce and her new boyfriend . . . at a club in Detroit. Apparently Royce OVERDID IT . . . cause her badder was UNABLE to hold it all in!!! Via: MediaTake.Com

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Tila was spotted being skankish again.