Kind Delivery man delivering Chinese take away food

Whew baby if you ever thought someone might be picking at your food upon its arrival to your front door as you wait patiently in the comfort of whatever you are watching and whatever you got on??? This study might make you a little bothered!

So let me just get right to it — 1 out of 4 food delivery drivers admit to eating their customers food before delivery! 28 percent is the number they said and this coming from a food delivery survey where that wasn’t the only factor revealed. However for many — that is probably all they needed to hear as they begin deleting their food delivery apps from their phones as we speak!

Crazy thing is a lot people shared that they already suspected this behavior and still — this same survey revealed that the average person [american] has at least 2 food delivery apps on their phones and use them numerous times a month! I definitely have one app on my phone *forehead slap*

Get more on this survey via People [HERE].

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