Whew baby if you ever thought someone might be picking at your food upon its arrival to your front door as you wait patiently in the comfort of whatever you are watching and whatever you got on??? This study might make you a little bothered! So let me just get right to it — 1 […]

I mean. . .is this news new to some one? Of course we LOVE some facial hair and this study pretty much sums that up! Via 6 ABC: It’s “No Shave November” and guys, you may want to consider sporting facial hair year round. A new study suggests a majority of women find it attractive. […]

Via Hiphopwired: A new study is stating that out of all of the popular American music genres, Rap actually has the least amount of drug references while Country has the most. The study was conducted by and published exclusively for Newsweek. Using the Songmeanings API lyrics database, they studied music categorized as Rap, Rock, Country, […]


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Via Huffington Post: Food and sex are two of life’s greatest things. Sometimes they’re great together, but they’re also awesome separately. So when we found a statistic indicating a higher than expected proportion of millennials love dinner more than sex, we were intrigued. The [report], from ad agency Havas Worldwide, says that 54 percent of […]

New research suggests that too much TV time might shorten your life. But not necessarily for the reason you might think. The study of more…

First the bad news: The percentage of Americans with diabetes has doubled since 1988, with nearly one in 10 adults now diagnosed with the blood-sugar…

Source | HelloBeautiful During the early throes of relationships, everything is great, including the sex. Couples who then decide to get married often believe they will lead a life filled with the same fun aspects from their relationship’s beginning stages. But we all know enough about long-term love to know that that’s not all the […]

Source | Bossip Now, scientists have taken it upon themselves to figure out whether this is true. Do verified haters tend to hate everything else they stumble upon? Yes, according to a new study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. People who tend to hate things they already know about are (surprise!) more disposed to […]

Interesting… Source | Globalgrind According to newly released research by the University of Birmingham U.K., overloading others with selfies via social media feeds can dramatically affect real world relationships. Well this is only if those others aren’t your friends and family. The findings further state persons close to you outside of the tech realm (IE: friends and family) don’t […]


I was waiting for a study on this one! Details | Bossip For all you texting addicts who think it’s “safe” using a voice-activated method instead of using your hands, a new study says think again. Going hands free on your mobile device to send a text is no less dangerous than the traditional method, […]


Educate one another & yourselves… “Prison sentences of black men were nearly 20% longer than those of white men for similar crimes in recent years, an analysis by the U.S. Sentencing Commission found.” Details | Bossip In the two years after the [2005 US v Booker ruling, which gave federal judges more discretion in sentencing], […]