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Cousins! My foodie cousins! Listen if you have been waiting for the Thanksgiving holiday to get here for that dinner spread — and if you love ice cream — you’ll be happy to know that Baskin-Robbins has a treat for you! Thanksgiving side dish inspired ice cream flavors! Yeah they’re actually putting a combination of […]

Day Party Dilemma

The dilemma came from our timeline and was fairly simple lol! Tap to see what everyone else said their dish would be!   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by @z1079 (@z1079) Catch the Day Party weekdays 3pm to 7pm! Follow @rodigga @z1079 for more dilemmas!

Fitness & Nutrition

So me and my husband went vegan for about half a year last year! I personally wanted to go longer but the vegan lifestyle transitioned into a “Flexitarian” lifestyle and mostly because we decided to entertain the occasional meat craving! Honestly I only really missed cheese and a 6 piece wing meal all flats! SMH […]

Ro Recipe's

Um did someone say JERK!? Listen jerk anything for me is a win but then you tell me Jerk BBQ Meatballs and I’m like please and thank you! So can we just go ahead and get a batch ready for the next baby shower or gathering because I can’t be the only one who needs […]


Calling all my foodies!! Listen Imma be honest — most of these videos might be food related!! But who don’t like to eat? Now the real question is — are you a breakfast person? Do you like bananas? Pancakes? Do you like them together? So look — I feel like the way they made these […]


If you haven’t heard the news. . .a lot of people are tossin out their “Aunt Jemima” pancake mix|syrup and more! With so many pushing for change. . .Companies are taking a stance by doing over and doing away with a lot! The infamous aunt and the racial stereotype behind her name had to go! […]


Damn 2 Chainz! Ya remember when the state of Georgia “opened” back up. . .2 Chainz was one of the many who wanted to wait on re-opening and he instead provided free meals to those in need. . .outside of his restaurant. I guess that was short lived and his Atlanta based restaurant Escobar & […]

Ro Digga

Lawd the state of Georgia had people with mixed emotions when the Governor announced they would be one of the first states to reopen this week! Some people were like “hell yeah let’s go” while others were like “hell naw stay yo ass in the house” including celebrities like T.I.! Nail salons and barbershops. . […]

A 28-year-old man was stabbed to death at a Maryland Popeyes. “This individual was in line, a line specifically for the sale of the sandwich, when another customer and he got into an altercation,” a spokeswoman said. “That ended with the victim being stabbed outside of the business.” Police in Maryland are looking for the suspect […]

Ro Digga

Aight now. . .don’t say you ain’t know! Popeye’s took to their social media to announce the return of their infamous chicken sammich! They said it is back THIS SUNDAY 11/3 and that when it is back. . .it will be here to stay! And to ensure it does. . .I heard the popular chicken […]

Ro Digga

Vegans! And everybody else who don’t do the meats! KFC created a “Kentucky Fried Miracle” with their new Beyond Fried Chicken. Chicken made with  Beyond Meat — which is meat that is made from plants! With the Impossible Whopper at Burger King and just restaurants all over catering to the meat-less eaters . . .KFC […]

Ro Digga

I know I’m not the only person excited about these joints being back on the menu starting Monday! Recently people were inquiring about the ETA on the spicy nuggets @ Wendy’s and now you know! Catch Ro inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm and follow @ rodigga and @z1079