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So me and my husband went vegan for about half a year last year! I personally wanted to go longer but the vegan lifestyle transitioned into a “Flexitarian” lifestyle and mostly because we decided to entertain the occasional meat craving! Honestly I only really missed cheese and a 6 piece wing meal all flats! SMH Listen being vegan isn’t a walk in the park especially if you’re new to the lifestyle. Thankfully I learned that you can be vegan, have non-vegan like cravings, and then make meals that taste like those cravings and are 100% vegan!

Tik Tok definitely helped me in the vegan recipes department with people like Xania — who takes vegan to the next level! Like if you’re craving a hot dog — she’s got a recipe for that and it’s VEGAN! This “Not” Dog recipe is made with carrots! Don’t believe me keep watching!

Let me know if you make this and how you liked it! Catch Ro inside the Day Party weekdays 3pm to 7pm! Follow @rodigga @z1079