Day Party Dilemma

Cousins! You might have seen this video on TT or the gram — that whole “of course I’m a _____” took a different turn when a woman glorified being a side chick! Take a look at the video and let us know your thoughts on the video: Tune into the Day Party weekdays for more […]


Oh lawd who’s unc is this on this damn water slide?! Lol I mean I hate to laugh (out loud) cause it legit looked like he almost drowned in some inches of water! I feel bad but I can’t stop watching smh lol. Catch Ro inside the Day Party weekdays 3pm tp 7pm! Follow @rodigga […]

- Comedy

Remember trust falls? When you would fall back into someone and hope they catch you? Trusting someone else to basically have your back and keep you from hittin the floor? Lol Sometimes trust falls were used as ice breakers in school, did ya ever do em? Or maybe you tried it with you friends or […]

Fitness & Nutrition

So me and my husband went vegan for about half a year last year! I personally wanted to go longer but the vegan lifestyle transitioned into a “Flexitarian” lifestyle and mostly because we decided to entertain the occasional meat craving! Honestly I only really missed cheese and a 6 piece wing meal all flats! SMH […]


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T-Pain may be looking to make “beautiful music” with Pop singer Ke$ha now that he’s confessed his love for her to the world. The head of Nappy Boy ENT took to his Twitter account over the weekend to tell fans that he was “in love” with the “Tic Toc” singer and unexpectedly received a brash […]