Omari Hardwick

Noooooooooooooo we needs the Power in our livessssssss! Lol naw for real. We already gotta wait a whole  year for a new season. . .now it’s ova ova??? Via TMZ: 50 Cent is dropping a bombshell, revealing he’s shutting down “Power” after its upcoming season, but on-set drama is not to blame — he just […]

Yes lawd! Can. Not. Wait. Sunday July 1 can not get here sooner kid! Catch Ro Digga inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm! 

And he’s a Capricorn too! Happy Birthday! Catch Ro Digga [another Capricorn] weekdays inside The Day Party at 3pm! 

It looks like Tasha will have to deal with Tariq missing all on her own.

"Power" star Omari Hardwick said when he was broke and homeless Denzel Washington paid off his car so it wouldn't get repossessed.

Kanan and Ghost face off, Tommy and Ghost's brotherhood is in jeopardy, and more.

Ghost and Kanan realize major truths about each other, the feds get a hold of Holly, and more.

Ghost heads to Miami after getting a tip about the Pink Sneaker assassin.

The season two trailer of Starz’s hit series Power is here, and it looks like it’s going to be another great season. In addition to being…