Damn 2 Chainz! Ya remember when the state of Georgia “opened” back up. . .2 Chainz was one of the many who wanted to wait on re-opening and he instead provided free meals to those in need. . .outside of his restaurant. I guess that was short lived and his Atlanta based restaurant Escobar & […]

This isn’t really weird news. . .more like good news? Or relief news? Via Mirror Co: Most people at some point have had to play detective with an item they ordered online, and which has since gone AWOL. While a bit of sleuthing can occasionally be fun, it may soon be a thing of the […]

A Denver man who called 911 to report a threatening road-rage encounter reluctantly followed a 911 dispatcher’s order to return to the scene of the crime, where he was fatally shot while waiting for police. Jimma Reat (SEEN ABOVE), a 26-year-old immigrant from Sudan, was traveling with his brother, cousin, and other passengers early Sunday […]