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Shout out to our OH Department of Health Director. . .Dr. Amy Acton! The appreciation and praise for her leadership extends from OH to New York! In a video column on The New York Times. . .a Sanya Dosani and Adam Westbrook highlighted the work of Acton calling her “the leader we wish we all […]

The honeymoon is over for Lil Kim and baby daddy Mr. Papers. Papers, real name Jeremy Neil, has been trying to see his daughter, Royal Reign Jones Neil, now one, ever since the couple broke up over cheating claims when she was two months old. Papers said Kim has blocked him from seeing the baby ever […]

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#5. If You Jack Up the Turkey, People Will Die #4. Stock Up on the Three B’s: Beer, Butter and Toilet Paper #3. You Don’t Have Enough Dishes, and You Sure as Heck Don’t Have Enough Chairs #2. If You Mix the Wrong People, Somebody Will Freaking Die #1. The Children Will Destroy Everything You […]