Cleveland police are trying to put the cop who murdered Tamir Rice back on the force, but Tamir's mother and people nationwide are fighting to stop the outrageous move. WE NEED YOUR VOICE EVERYONE!!!!!!! Add your voice at — MoveOn (@MoveOn) June 7, 2019  

Only in ‘Murica. A petition for ABC to drop Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy is circulating. It’s claiming that his BET Awards speech is “racist.” Apparently Williams’ speech has scared some Grey’s Anatomy viewers to the point that they just can’t stand to watch the show again if Jesse Williams equal rights-demanding face is on […]

Cred: [XXLMag] Now that Dr. Dre’s Compton has hit the streets, attention has turned toward Kanye West’s Swish album. As recently as this week, frequent Kanye collaborator Mike Dean came out and said that the album is still “in progress” and “Whenever Kanye says it’s done, it’s done.” This didn’t sit very well with Yeezus followers and […]

When Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy found out the high-end cough syrup Actavis was being taken off the market due to its abuse in the form…

This situation is sloppy if you ask me; since when is it ok for “Teachers” to behave this way? Details | Bossip A small Indiana community best known for its parks and corn festival has become the center of a national discussion about intolerance over a group’s plans to host a “traditional” prom that bans […]

By the way, have you heard the Game’s album “Jesus Piece” yet? I In-like! Read on… Details: via HiphopDX Game leaves it up to the fans to decide if they want to see the G-Unit crew back in action. Game has started a petition for a G-Unit reunion. In a post on Facebook, the Compton, […]

According to Max, four million signatures could help get him out of the slammer. Max B’s goal is to obtain four million signatures in his effort to be freed from prison. “We trying to get the petition on ‘Pardon The Wave’ signed,” Max B told “We trying to go at the governor; we trying to […]

Folks are absolutely fed up with the utter foolywangery that is VH1’s “Basketball Wives.”  It only took 4 seasons for that to happen.  Yet and still, a petition has popped up to boycott cast member Evelyn Lozada‘s new spinoff show….and Star Jones is gathering up support of powerful women to get the show and its […]

The Diddy and 50 Cent beef is escalating to new heights. 50 Cent started a petition against Diddy being able to use Biggies name to profit him.