Federal investigators say 13 female guards were in on the scheme at Baltimore City Detention Center Allowed members of notorious Black Guerrilla Family gang to…

A notorious French gangster is back on the loose after a brazen, movie-like escape from a north France prison using explosives and hostages. “It happened very quickly, it was clearly very well organized, we are still busy putting the facts together,” an official told Metro. Twenty-six different European nations are on high alert and have […]

This is the most shocking video to ever come out of a prison. You think that inmates don’t have access to illegal substances? Well check…


Educate one another & yourselves… “Prison sentences of black men were nearly 20% longer than those of white men for similar crimes in recent years, an analysis by the U.S. Sentencing Commission found.” Details | Bossip In the two years after the [2005 US v Booker ruling, which gave federal judges more discretion in sentencing], […]

According to reports, Katt got released Monday afternoon following his publicized arrest. Something not so funny is going on with Katt Williams. The actor and stand-up comedian was arrested Sunday after allegedly getting into a bar fight with a family at the World Sports Grille in Seattle. When police arrived on the scene, Williams resisted arrest. The […]

As his release date approaches, former Cash Money Hot Boy Turk has received his high school diploma while in prison. Good for him!


Instead of sifting through scholarship offers, selecting a school and launching his college basketball career as he originally planned, an Ohio high school standout will have to put his dreams on hold. Tony Farmer, an 18-year-old senior at Garfield Heights High School, received a three-year prison sentence on Tuesday as a result of pleading guilty […]

Remember Turk (or Young Turk) from Cash Money’s group The Hot Boys? Well after serving almost 9 years in a federal prison, he finally has a release date!

ME @Tropikana  Former G-Unit member Young Buck has announced he is headed to prison for at least 60 days, but withholds key details. Buck announced the breaking news through a video clip this weekend. “I got to go to the penitentiary for two months,” Buck revealed in a video. “F*ck with me for real, hold me down — and when I […]

It’s indisputable that Mike Tyson has always been a polarizing character. The heavyweight champion has gone from a wild hoodlum from Brooklyn (or “the Devil’s bedroom,” as he calls it) to a controversy-addled, multimillionaire boxer to an actor to a peace-and-pigeon-loving TV personality. But his latest revelation is nothing short of shocking. “I didn’t talk about getting […]

Somebody hold Mystikal’s YMCMB sweatshirt for three months. The Louisiana rapper, who was released from prison in 2010 after serving six years, will be returning to jail on May 14th for violation of his probation.   On Monday, state District Judge Tony Marabella added the extra time as a condition of the 41-year-old Tyler’s five-year […]