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Rachel Jeantel kept her promise to her slain friend Trayvon Martin; she graduated from high school May 30th.

Rachel Jeantel has fulfilled her promise to her fallen friend Trayvon Martin by getting her high school diploma. Yahoo! News reports that Rachel, who testified…

Black Music Month

With his forthcoming album “Mastermind” along with the third installment of the “Self Made” series dropping this year, Rick Ross has finally released a solo…


In a recent interview Rachel was asked how she feels about people who see her as nothing but a horrible embarrassment to Black people. “They say I was embarrassing them. Why? I put my face on a stage, the whole world watching and I’m embarrassing you? I’m fighting for you, to make sure nobody do that […]

Ever the controversial radio host and political commentator, Rush Limbaugh is at it again. This time, Rush’s strong and offensive sense of humor tried to…


Big shout out to our sister station [93.1 WZAK] and Tom Joyner making differences like this in people’s lives. Source | Blackmediascoop Rachel Jeantel was thrust into the spotlight after she testified in the George Zimmerman trial detailing her friendship with her slain friend, Trayvon Martin. However, instead of people encouraging Jeantel and supporting the […]