If you’re tired and frustrated from seeing headlines such as the one we all read with the passing of George Floyd. . .at the hands of police officers in Minnesota. . .you are not alone! The whole world is in uproar as cases like Floyd’s sadly seem to be the new norm. From Lebron James […]

Welp. . .Go ahead and add Burberry to the cast of fashion brands who have recently rubbed the world the wrong way! Did you hear about their Hoodie that comes with a NOOSE for a drawstring??? Wait til TI hears about this one smh. Via AOL: Models, mental health advocates and social media users were […]

Via The Daily Beast: Luxury Italian fashion house Prada shut down a New York City storefront and pulled a keychain from its stock after the accessory went viral for resembling blackface imagery. The complaint was first made on Twitter and Facebook by Chinyere Ezie, a civil-rights attorney and activist who works at the Center for Constitutional […]

Oh H&M! If you’re just now catching up on this situation. . .H&M caught hella fade for their latest ad that featured an African American little boy in a sweatshirt that read “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” and immediately people went in! Since then. . .The Weeknd has pulled himself from their campaign and artists […]

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Via Hiphopwired: The fallout from last Saturday’s [August 12] white nationalist rally continues as Spotify has become the latest high profile organization to renounce white supremacy and announced they’re pulling all racist content from their library. In a statement to Billboard, a spokesman for Spotify said, “Illegal content or material that favors hatred or incites violence against race, […]

Via Hiphopwired: Irv Gotti has never been one to bite his tongue on any subject. The Murder Inc. founder recently took to social media with his reasoning on why the Jenner sisters have old White men in their feelings. In a barely coherent Instagram post that has been since deleted, the Tales creator voiced how Kylie and Kendall dating Black […]

Via Hiphopwired: Someone at Walmart has a lot of explaining to do. The retailer apologized for running a product listing that described a color as “N*gger Brown.” We couldn’t make this up if we tried. The product in question was a weaving net. The “n*gger brown” description was in the first page and in the description. A […]

Markers placed to honor the life of slain Black teen Emmett Till have been vandalized twice in less than year’s time. The most recent incident found that panels explaining the details of the 14-year-old’s short life and tragic end were defaced, adding to a series of such acts over the years. The Mississippi Freedom Trail is […]

On Tuesday night, the California Congresswomen got the last word on MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes."

Breana Harmon Talbott was arrested by Denison, Texas, police and faces a misdemeanor charge for making a false report to authorities.

Who actually thought that comparing being intoxicated to the sanctity of Black lives was a good idea?