Our very own Juju got the chance to sit down with Rebekah Fuerst Aka @Favelababy. You may know her as a relatable & popular Viral Poet, Feminist, & Influencer who showcases her work via Instagram & TikTok.

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It's been a minute but every set back is a set up for a come back and this seems to be true for Wendy Williams!

Ro Digga

Hey my girls! So we have all heard hair salon horror stories [and or different versions of] such as: your stylist cutting too much of your hair when you only wanted a trim! To the style you asked for wasn’t hardly what you got — to so many others. But what about when you get […]

Ro Digga

During Quarantine. . .Tory Lanez created Quarantine Quarantine Quarantine Radio on the humble. . .inspired by IG lives from people like DJ D-Nice! He said he didn’t even have a mic but wanted to play music for people and vibe out with his friends. Well that quickly turned into about 7K viewers with cameos from […]

An armored truck’s side door flew open while traveling on I-285 outside of Atlanta and covered the road the road in cash. Would you have pulled over? Police say approximately $100,000 spilled onto I-285 on Tuesday night and have asked for people who picked up the flying funds to return the money. So far two […]

  You probably came to this article wondering why DisneyLand isn’t the happiest place on earth… *NEWSFLASH* It really is. DisneyLand is wonderful, amazing, place filled with your kids most amazing dreams. Believe me, I’ve always dreamed of going to DisneyLand just because it was a dream of mine as a kid. So I could […]

Via TMZ A former employee of R. Kelly told a grand jury the singer regularly recorded tapes of his sexual encounters with underage girls and kept them as trophies … and they’re now believed to be in the hands of the feds. Sources directly connected to the case tell TMZ … the ex-employee testified in front […]

Ramen Noodles, could be the answer to all your problems ladies and gentleman! Here’s how: Exhibit A: Broken sink? No problem! Just stuff the hole with Ramen noodles! A little scraping and sanding, some paint and you’ve got a new sink! pic.twitter.com/evdNWlTeuN — Ken Rutkowski (@kenradio) May 15, 2019 Exhibit B: Food could never fix […]

7th Floor Clothing is a streetwear brand started by childhood friends Preston Clark and Frank Miller III in 2016. The brand got it’s first big break when Lebron James posted 2 pictures on instagram wearing an un-official Cavs championship hat called “Kiss The Trophy” created by the brand which propelled them from being locally known […]

The NBA commissioner Adam Silver revealed the jersey of the future today where you can change the name and number on the back with a push of a button. Adam Silver reveals a new jersey that can change the number and player😳 (Via @nba ) pic.twitter.com/2NJ2ImP8kS — NBA RETWEET (@RTNBA) February 15, 2019 How much should […]

ALL HAIL THE TRAFFIC GOD!! LeBron James is out … and now the City of Cleveland has announced they’re replacing the legendary banner with a new icon … a Guardian!!!   Who would you rather have on the Cleveland Banner? — DJ Ez (@EzIsEverything) September 7, 2018   City of Cleveland unveils replacement design for […]