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Whether he's letting those Twitter fingers fly, rapping, or giving a speech at an award ceremony, when Kanye West speaks, we listen.


As we previously reported, rapper and professional ranter, Kanye West pulled some foolishness at his show the other night. The buffoonery was epic as Ye began…


Recently, it was reported that Donald Trump  is once again contemplating throwing his hat in the ring for President Of The United States in 2016.…

    A local sheriff’s department confirmed the online buzz on Thursday (January 3). Mono County Sheriff’s Office says the incident happened around 4:30pm, when a Mono County Deputy Sheriff, with the assistance of a California Highway Patrol Officer, saw a black BMW traveling at a high rate of speed, southbound on US Hwy 395 near Tom’s […]

Rather than shy away, Ocean said he fully embraces the public co-signs. When asked about the overwhelming number of artists who want to work with him these days, he responded, “That’s not a problem. It’s not, like, a tragedy. It’s cool, it’s awesome, it just means people f— with me, and that’s cool.” (MTV) This week, OutKast’s Andre 3000 said he […]

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  After The-Dream fired shots at The Weeknd for jacking his sound during a show at New York City’s S.O.B.’s earlier this week, the latter artist has responded to the subliminals. Taking to Twitter, the elusive Canadian singer-songwriter unleashed a brief tirade, calling the Def Jam artist a “ham burglar lookin’ ass nigga.” ham burglar […]