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Insiders tell us ABC is working overtime to land an interview with Chris Brown and his ex boo Rihanna! We toldja last week ABC “temporarily” banned Chris after he went into a violent rage following an interview with host Robin Roberts. Now they’re milking it for all its worth in an effort to get Rihanna […]

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After Chris Brown requested the removal of his restraining order, Rihanna’s lawyer has agreed to drop it to level one (contact without annoying, molesting / harassment). But, the news doesn’t stop here…


We were all hoping for a happy ending for this family but it may not happen. Joy White, the mother who’s newborn baby was kidnapped from a hospital says after reuniting with her 23 year old daughter Carlina, they’re not speaking to each other anymore.


Ludacris and Mystikal teamed up to perform "Move B***h" at Ay Bay Bay's birthday bash after 9 years.


Seems like everyone is breaking up but what if you want to get back together with your ex?