West coast rapper The Game recently learned that you can’t allow everyone into your home because some people like to steal. The “Marrying the Game”…

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Scott Storch is having a bad day. The renowned producer, and alleged coke fiend, was robbed at gunpoint today (August 20) outside of his hotel in New York City. TMZ reports: TMZ has learned … 39-year-old Storch just filed a police report in NYC, claiming he was leaving the New York Palace hotel on Madison Ave. […]

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz might want to rethink who he has in his crew. Apparently, 2 Chainz was robbed at gunpoint and the members of…

Some people get a little alcohol in their system and forget they have money. It seems this may have been the case with X-Factor judge Simon Cowell while partying in Hollywood. According to the TMZ, this took place in October but it seems the story is just getting out. After a drunken night, Simon took a […]

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Arizona authorities say  a man  robbed a  bank then went and spent some of the stolen money on beer and pizza at a nearby restaurant. Yuma police say 56-year-old Henry Elmer has been booked into county jail on a variety of robbery and theft-related charges. Officers responded to robbery call at Wells Fargo Bank across […]


Greater New Life Missionary Baptist Church just celebrated its 29th anniversary but today members are feeling anything but joyful. When members of the Greater New Life Missionary Baptist Church stopped by their house of worship they were devastated to see more damage to the building this morning. Church member Cedric Johnson says, “I’m ticked.” He […]

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NBA’s Gilbert Arenas’ fiancee, Laura Govan, has robbed his vacant home, taking clothes, furniture and, reportedly, even his famous shark tank!! I recently told you that Arenas cut offcommunication and child supportto Govan and their three children when he moved to Orlando to play for the Magic.

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The “Church Lady Bandit” has quickly become one of the most notorious bank robbers ever to hit Central Ohio. It was after a robbery at theFifth Third Bank downtown, that investigators say suspect Sylvete Gilbert was found in a nearby building after a dye pack exploded.