No matter how many stories of violence and senseless shootings you see on your timeline, innocent children caught in crossfire seems to make everyone stop and ask themself one simple question: What the heck is going on?

While no official murder charges have been filed, police have confirmed that a photo of two gunmen are indeed the persons responsible for killing Dolph.

Fortunately the rapper was not harmed, but his driver was struck by a bullet. 

The security guard who accused Pooh Sheisty, real name Lontrell Williams, of shooting him in a Miami nightclub last month now says he doesn’t remember giving authorities the official statement that implicated the rising rap star. || RELATED: Pooh Shiesty Facing a Minimum of 20 Years for Miami Club Shooting || || RELATED: Dallas Rapper […]

A Memorial Day shooting that took place in Miami on Monday (May 31) left two people injured and has led police to question North Carolina rapper DaBaby as part of their investigation. || RELATED: Cam Coldheart, Rapper Infamous For Viral Fight With DaBaby, Dead At 33 || || RELATED: New Report Suggests Dallas Rapper Lil […]

  A hot attraction for locals and tourists alike, The Trap Museum of Atlanta was reportedly the scene of a shooting that sent four people to the hospital. A rep for the Atlanta Police Department confirmed with XXL that the incident took place outside the museum on Sunday, May 16. || RELATED: T.I.’s Trap Music […]

A preliminary hearing Thursday (May 6) provided further insight into the murder of Pop Smoke, who was killed February 19, 2020, in Hollywood Hills, California. From the stand, Det. Christian Carrasco relayed the chaotic series of events that ended with the violent shooting death of a rising Brooklyn rapper, as told to him by a female […]

So it’s been over a month since Megan Thee Stallion was shot in her foot on the night of July 12th 2020. . .and the world quickly blamed Tory for committing the very puzzling act. I mean it’s safe to say we all knew he did it. . .but there was only he say she […]


If you haven’t heard about the 25 year old [African American] man who was shot down while he was jogging in a Georgia neighborhood. . .you will! His story is making its way around the internet. . .and around the world! Celebrities have even started to shed light on the story. The story is that […]

Another shooting! This time outside a North Cali high school in Santa Rosa. . .leaving 1 person reportedly shot|wounded and the gunman now in custody. Apparently the shooter [a 17 year old male] shot the victim [a 16 year old male] 2 times in the upper part of his body at about 9am this morning […]

By now you might have heard about Botham’s neighbor Joshua Brown — who testified during the Guyger trial — and how he was shot and killed just days after his appearance in court?! Yes. He was murdered. And if this case wasn’t already smelling fishy to the public from just the original details [with Guyger […]

This story has nothing to do with Simone and everything to do with her brother [Tevin] who was recently arrested on charges related to a triple homicide that occurred in Cleveland on New Years Eve. The shooting happened at an Airbnb house party when “uninvited guests” showed up leading to an “altercation” that was followed […]