Fox News’ Bob Beckel goes in on Zimmerman! He even went on to say that though he is guilty, Zimmerman will not be convicted. Read more of what he had to say. Fox’s The Five opened tonight taking on the latest from the George Zimmerman murder trial. Eric Bolling, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Andrea Tantaros agreed […]

Race Matters And Who Started Online Protest For Trayvon Martin!

Trayvon Martin Facebook Page Created Displaying That Trayvon Should Have Been Shot.

Trayvon Martin's Facebook and Twitter Comments Released.

A white New Orleans cop involved in a recent fatal cop shooting of a young black man has been suspended without pay after posting crazy comments on a TV website in New Orleans in which he said Trayvon Martin acted like “a thug.” Officer Jason Giroir (seen below) made several comments on website. 2 […]

Photos Of Trayvon Martin Followers Wearing Hoodies Around The World!