Source: Shutterstock There are lots of things mothers have to be concerned about with young children, but a 3-year-old potentially contracting gonorrhea usually isn’t one of them. Unfortunately that’s the fear a Jacksonville, FL, mother is facing after he daughter found a condom on her daycare playground and did what any other toddler would do, put it […]

Young Chicago rapper Lil Reese’s career may be in a world of trouble after a video was released earlier today showing him beating up his alleged baby mama. The 19 year old Def Jam star and the unidentified woman go back and forth in the video in an argument when the woman tells him to […]

These kids need to either figure it out, or move on! Rihanna tracked down Chris Brown in a nightclub yet again on Monday night. Brown was partying at Meatpacking District hot spot Catch Roof with friends after hosting a bash for his Dum English collaboration with artist Ron English in SoHo. Sources tell us Brown got […]


Three are dead from a Saturday night shooting, including a former south Georgia football star, and another clings to life as Auburn police and U.S. Marshals conduct a manhunt for the alleged shooter. Three capital murder warrants have been issued for 22-year-old DesMonte Leonard, seen below, who is accused of killing three people, including a […]

  Stuart Chaifetz kisses his son Akian Chaifetz, 10, on the head as they play in the backyard of their home in Cherry Hill, N.J., Wednesday, April 25, 2012. After Chaifetz was told that his son Akian was acting violently at his New Jersey school he decided to investigate. Akian’s autism prevented him from being […]

Multiple airport screeners have been arrested for allegedly taking handsome bribes to look the other way while loads of illegal drugs slipped through security at Los Angeles International Airport, federal officials announced today. Two current and two former officials at the Transportation Security Administration were arrested in the last 48 hours in connection with at […]

A Denver man who called 911 to report a threatening road-rage encounter reluctantly followed a 911 dispatcher’s order to return to the scene of the crime, where he was fatally shot while waiting for police. Jimma Reat (SEEN ABOVE), a 26-year-old immigrant from Sudan, was traveling with his brother, cousin, and other passengers early Sunday […]


 25 year old Tanicia Goodwin of Salem, Massachusetts is accused of attempting to kill her 8-year-old son, Jamal and 3 year old daughter Erica. The children are in critical condition at Children’s Hospital Boston with extremely serious injuries. She also set her apartment on fire, leaving 50 people who lived in surrounding apartments homeless, authorities […]


  The student was ordered to take off the high heels because he was disrupting the school. Asante Cotman challenged his principal and got suspended. NBC12 talked with him, on day one, of his 3-day suspension. “I wore this jacket right here and my white shirt and my scarf and a pair of cargo pants […]

I REALLY wish they would leave this whole situation alone! Do you think these details will stir up even more trouble for Chris?

So dude gets kicked out the bar/pub for not putting out his cig! Comes back with a Chainsaw & attempts to F*** S*** UP! SMH Too bad for him, pay close attention to the very patrons go to war and take him out! #Gangsta

…Several New York gang members are in serious trouble as police are investigating three murders and have arrested 43 rival gang members based on evidence collected from monitoring what the gang members were saying about the cases on Twitter and Facebook, authorities said. According to Reuters, the 25 accused members of the Wave Gang and […]