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Shout out to Ari Lennox…applying pressure in her wellbeing! The singer is celebrating 7 months sober — this she reflected on her Instagram in a post that gave insight to her life as of current! Which judging by her post — seems peaceful! She did mention not knowing if sobriety would be forever but that […]


Shhhhh. . .don’t you say nothin! Just read on below! Via Bossip: Wendy Williams made the shocking admission Tuesday that she’s been in treatment for her narcotics addiction but she wasn’t specific about what triggered her to seek treatment. “I have been living in a sober house. … You know I’ve had a struggle with cocaine in the […]


Are scientists developing a “stay-sober” pill? For the heavy drinkers among us, the development of a pill to keep humans sober – a possibility proposed in a report published today in The Telegraph – may seem enticing. But fans of the weekend bender perhaps ought not to rejoice yet. In the study published in the […]

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Once T.I. finally gets to the halfway house will his reality TV crew be filming?

Two UC Davis professors are the driving force behind Halent Laboratories’ new medical marijuana testing facility in West Sacramento. “Knowing a medicine’s potency is fundamental,” said Land, president and chief scientist at Halent. “Without that information, patients are left to trial and error. With the information we provide, that’s no longer necessary.” It’s believed that […]