Things are going from “crazy” to straight up “dangerous” at the Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina household. Two weeks ago, Nick allegedly got into a fight with Pat Houston’s son at a family function and now he’s taken things a bit further by posting up pictures of his guns on Twitter like a soldier ready for battle. […]

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The word “friend” is very important. It carries weight and meaning. I can dig that. The word is thrown around too lightly. With the advent of social networking sites, the word has almost taken on a new meaning. Today a friend is someone who you’ve seen around once or twice but never actually had a […]

T-Pain may be looking to make “beautiful music” with Pop singer Ke$ha now that he’s confessed his love for her to the world. The head of Nappy Boy ENT took to his Twitter account over the weekend to tell fans that he was “in love” with the “Tic Toc” singer and unexpectedly received a brash […]


Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of facebook is a said to be worth 4 BILLION dollars now. But these two dudes said facebook was their idea…I put up 2 videos of them being interviewed about the ordeal for you.     The TODAY SHOW Interviewed the two here also…